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Nicole Bray

Nicole has the honour of being the catalyst for the Better Impact Certified Consultant program, after suggesting it to Andy Fryar back in 2020. In the time since, Nicole has worked as an independent consultant with many local governments and large charities across Australia, helping them get the most out of Better Impact and their volunteer programs.

Nicole specializes in getting to know people and their organization. Her skill lies in asking the right questions to understand the bigger picture and the important little details, so she can guide her clients towards the software setup that will work for everyone in the team.

Nicole believes that effective software set up is the end result of an effective collaboration process. If you have questions about anything Better Impact related, are looking to do something new or just want some help getting unstuck, you’re in good hands.

Services include:

  • One-on-one user training for new admins
  • Guided group admin training (half day)
  • Creation of a customized training account for admins
  • Monthly professional support service
  • Full system set up, from strategy analysis to data import and creation of user manuals

To find out more about Nicole and the services she offers, visit www.volunteermanagement.com.au

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Nicole Bray