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Kat Ingram

Kat has over 30 years’ experience at local, state, national and international level working with and managing volunteers in the recreation and sport industry. As Managing Director of Keystone Sporting Solutions, she supports organizations to achieve their desired outcomes.

Through Keystone Sporting Solutions, Kat’s client base includes sporting clubs, councils, and peak sporting bodies. With a focus on volunteer management, strategic planning, policies, training, governance and club development, Kat has worked with a wide range of people such as Board Members, Chief Executives, staff and volunteers. She enjoys improving processes and working collaboratively to look for creative solutions. She also regularly presents training courses on behalf of Sport SA in the areas of Child Protection, Member Protection and Complaints Handling.

She has 10 years’ experience working in the university sector managing student placements across five degree programs. With over 1,000 host organizations that voluntarily host students, Kat’s ability to lead a team of Placement Officers, utilize student placement software, create effective processes and maintain strong working relationships has resulted in 2,000 placements being run each year.

Kat has been published in an international peer reviewed journal and was instrumental in the development of the V-Star volunteer management resource commissioned by the South Australian Office for Recreation and Sport. This interactive website assisted clubs and associations for over 10 years in recruiting, retaining, and rewarding their volunteers. The website won the Interactive Media Council’s Interactive Media Award for ‘Best in Class’.

As the Volunteer Manager for the Australian Masters Games held in Adelaide (2023), she used Better Impact to manage 100 event volunteers across multiple venues and functions as well as documenting processes and improvements for the next Games. She also worked as a Staffing Manager for the Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG) where she co-ordinated and managed 1,000 paid and volunteer staff over three venues at Sydney Olympic Park and co-ordinated 3,000 volunteers over the 18 venues at the Paralympic Games.

Kat is an active volunteer for several sporting clubs and associations and has held many positions including umpire, coach, sport co-ordinator, secretary, records officer, board member, vice president and president.

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Kat Ingram