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Karma McEwen

Karma has acquired a comprehensive knowledge of Better Impact as a result of planning, designing and supporting a volunteer management system for a large university. With oversight of 50+ diverse sub-accounts and thousands of volunteers, Karma trained and coached more than 150 system administrators. She is recognized for her ability to develop innovative solutions that align Better Impact with the standardized requirements of a large and complex organization, yet customize processes unique to each sub-account.

With a Canadian Risk Management designation and nine years in post-secondary risk management, Karma brings a risk-aware perspective to her consultant role. Her training in process and project management for the non-profit sector, further supports her ability to effectively navigate complicated organizational structures.

Karma recognizes that you are the expert in recruiting, engaging and retaining volunteers. She will work closely with you to understand your organization’s values, goals, operational processes, and available resources. Karma will support your system with customized reference materials and hands-on staff training. Her management solutions are founded on efficiency for your administrators and simplicity for your volunteers.

Visit Karma at ALLSAGE Consulting for details.

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Karma McEwen