Volunteer engagement builds community
and we love helping our municipal members build volunteer engagement.

Report based on an individual department or the whole city

One piece of data contributes to the city-wide report, the department report, the facility report (if applicable) and the individual volunteer report.

Engage more citizen volunteers

Volunteers in a city-wide volunteer system know more about the volunteer opportunities across the whole city.

Centralized and/or decentralized operations

Some data collection and processes can be established to be common across all departments, while others can be tailored to one or two.

Ensure process compliance across the municipality

Volunteer profile information stored in a single system, regardless of where someone volunteers, makes it much easier to ensure compliance.

What your peers say...

“The support team is wonderful. They are always available to answer big or small questions. You can connect with them by phone or email, while you are on the go, and they are quick to respond with a smile."
City of Ottawa - Ontario, Canada
“The functionality, flexibility, ease of use and intuitive design of the software benefits our city and volunteers in the communication and participation in our community.”
City of Burnaby - BC, Canada
“We are very pleased with the company’s service, their ability to change and adapt to emerging technology, willingness to assist with training staff, and customizing the program to meet our unique needs.”
Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Parks - BC, Canada
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