Member Impact Pricing

Standard & Enterprise Editions

Member Impact includes all of the following:

Unlimited administrators

Unlimited members

24 x 5 telephone support for administrators

24 x 5 plus weekend chat & email support for administrators

All prices are in Canadian dollars

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Member Impact Annual Subscription Fees and FAQ’s

# of LocationsAnnual Subscription
1 Location (Standard Edition)$660 / year
2 - 5 Locations (Enterprise Edition)$451 each / year
6 - 10 Locations (Enterprise Edition)$385 each / year
11 - 15 Locations (Enterprise Edition)$340 each / year
16 - 20 Locations (Enterprise Edition)$330 each / year
21 - 25 Locations (Enterprise Edition)$300 each / year
26 - 30 Locations (Enterprise Edition)$275 each / year
31 - 35 Locations (Enterprise Edition)$250 each / year
36+ Locations (Enterprise Edition)$220 each / year



What payment methods do you accept?

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, check or purchase order.

Is my organization billed monthly or annually?

Your organization will be billed once each year to renew your software subscription.

Can administrators be configured to have access to volunteers and/or clients and/or members and/or donors?

Yes. Administrators can be given access to volunteers only, clients only, members only, donors only or any combination of the four. (A subscription to relevant modules required.)

Standard vs. Enterprise

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is recommended for most organizations that have just one location and where administrators with access to member profiles should be able to see all member profiles.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is for organizations that want some separation between groups of clients such as at different locations or branches.

Enterprise without Regions

Enterprise with Regions


Additional and Optional Services - Member Impact

Help getting started, data migration, training … we’ve got you covered!

Getting Started

You can easily add the custom fields to meet your unique data collection needs. If for any reason, you’d like us to take care of it, we’re happy to help.

System Configuration Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Setting up initial custom fields $50 Included
Data Migration
Importing Contact details $100 Included
Additional Importing – Custom fields in the member module $20 / field $20 / field


One, forty-five minute personal web meeting – $100

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