Why IT Departments Love Working With Us

Our database software is not just for Volunteer Managers...

Performance and Reliability

  • Our guaranteed uptime excluding planned maintenance is 99.95%. Over the past ten years we’ve averaged 99.99% and over the past five years, 99.997%.
  • We use primary and secondary dns providers to insulate ourselves from a single dns provider failure.
  • Our database management system is deployed on dedicated, over-provisioned hardware.
  • We monitor our systems 24x7x365 using internal, external synthetic and external RUM monitoring to ensure optimal service performance and uptime.
  • We utilize a CDN to ensure our application assets are loaded quickly world-wide.
  • We have a 1 hour hardware replacement SLA with our datacenter – ensuring faulty hardware is replaced quickly.
  • Backups for system wide restoration – Full backup once per week, incremental backup once per day, transaction log backup once every 3 hours – 28 days retention – Full restoration tested once per quarter.


  • A third party runs a penetration test annually and we are happy to share the results with IT departments.
  • Our software stores user credentials using a strong one-way hashing algorithm (bcrypt) with random salting.
  • We perform external vulnerability scans of our entire environment every week.
  • We deliver all content using 256 BIT TLS (and fallback to 128 BIT TLS where 256 BIT is not supported).
  • Data is encrypted at rest using 256 BIT AES encryption.
  • Our systems are protected by anti-brute force login measures as well as an intrusion detection and prevention system. We also store a record of all successful / failed login attempts.
  • Two factor authentication available for account admins.
  • Option to lock down admin access by IP address (Enterprise PLUS accounts).
  • All server operating systems and applications are patched in accordance with recommended guidelines.


  • We provide fast, knowledgeable technical support directly to IT departments from our lead architect and software developers.
  • We provide 24×5 support via chat, email, telephone and web meetings to administrative users. Weekend support is also available via email and chat periodically on weekends.
  • Our median first response to a chat is under ten minutes.
  • Comprehensive searchable help files.
  • A suite of video based training files.


  • We operate a fourth-generation SaaS application (we’ve been doing “cloud” since before it was called “cloud”).
  • All development work is done in-house.
  • Our development methodology prioritizes bug and security fixes ahead of new features.
  • In choosing our suppliers, we only deal with the very best (not the cheapest).
  • Our service status is available at betterimpactstatus.com and we always provide communications on planned upgrades.
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