Donor Impact Pricing

No initial licensing fees

24 x 5 chat, email & phone support in minutes

Unlimited administrators

Periodic email support on weekends

Unlimited donor and donation records

Data encrypted at rest and stored in Canada

All prices are in Canadian dollars

If you’re not from Canada, you can view pricing in local currencies one of our regional sites in AustraliaIreland,  New ZealandUnited KingdomUSA


Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition?
Either way, unlimited administrators are included.
The difference between the two is explained to the right.
Would you like to upgrade to the PLUS package?
See below for the benefits.
Yes, for the Standard Edition
Yes, for the Enterprise Edition

Standard vs. Enterprise

The Standard Edition is recommended for most organizations that have just one location and where administrators with access to donor profiles should be able to see all donor profiles.

The Enterprise Edition is for organizations that want some separation between groups of donors such as at different locations or branches.



Package Offerings

No initial licensing cost
Unlimited admins and donor records
Chat, email & phone support in minutes
Encrypted data storage (exclusively in Canada)
Cloud based and a 99.95% uptime guarantee (currently 99.997%)
Ongoing software updates
Online donations
Automatic receipting and self-serve receipt retrieval
Enterprise level administration that oversees all accounts
Reporting across multiple accounts at once
Communications across multiple accounts at once
Regional account structure (a mid-tier level between the top level and the account level)
Account administrators only have access to their own volunteers
Administration security level with access to configuration but without access to data
Optional IP restrictions to limit administrator access to the system
Unlimited outbound text messaging
Annual account review
Annual refresher training (new staff or new features etc) 1 hr 4 hrs
Migration consultation - extra guidance and advice on moving from your current environment
Import basic donor contact details
Initial set up of custom fields

À la Carte Options

Items below are available as individual add-ons. If the item is marked with a tick in the table above, it is included at no extra cost in that package.

Online donations – CRA registered charities30¢+1.6%30¢+1.6%Online donations – nonprofits without charitable status30¢+2.9%30¢+2.9%

Annual account review $375 $750
Refresher training (new staff or new features etc) $125/hr $125/hr
Migration consultation – extra guidance and advice on moving from your current environment $250 $250 – $1000
Initial set up of custom fields $125 $125
Import basic donor contact details $100 $100
Import to custom fields and qualifications $20 / field $20 / field
Import of donations history Various Various
Outbound text messaging (after 5,000 free for Standard and 10,000 free for Enterprise) $30/1,000 $30/1,000


We recognize that different people and different organizations have different training needs. Many of our clients are self-taught by diving in and accessing our help files as needed, while others take advantage of personal training services. With our volunteer software, you decide what is best for you. One way or another, we’ll be there to support you.

Option 1 – Personal training by the hour via web meetings
(Recommended for filling any gaps in your self-directly learning or refreshers later on)
$125 / hr
Option 2 – Four forty-five minute personal web meetings
(Recommended for Volunteer Impact Standard Edition )
Option 3 – Two half day hands-on sessions, at your location
(Recommended for Volunteer Impact Enterprise Edition or when you will have multiple administrators you would like trained)
+ travel
Custom training services – When the other options don’t quite fit, we are happy to tailor a custom training program to fit your needs Call us

The overall training for administrators using more than one Better Impact software module is less than the combined total across modules since much of the software is the same or similar across modules.

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