Volunteer Impact can reduce your administrative workload and increase volunteer engagement. Let’s work together to help you easily manage the travelers you have coming and going from your airport. With our volunteer time tracking and online management software, your volunteers can aid in delivering excellent service each and every day.

Manage a large number of applications

With airport volunteer management online, volunteers’ application information goes right into your airport’s database.

Simplified Schedule Management

You can schedule volunteers yourself or let them self-schedule within the roles you decide they can fill. Our scheduler highlights the shifts that have not been filled to capacity. This helps focus your time on the shifts that need attention.

Easily handle a wide range of roles

Whether you have volunteers helping out at arrivals, departures or baggage claim areas, Volunteer Impact can help you manage various roles and schedules to keep it all organized.

Track training and qualifications

Keep track of volunteer time, background checks, security clearances, orientations and more! You can search and report on any one (or more) of these data fields.

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