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Oct 24: 10-5 Mountain and 9-4 Pacific OR Oct 25: 11-6 Atlantic, Eastern 10-5 and 9-4 Central





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Hosted by Dana Cory Litwin, CVA

  • Public speaking and management professional with background in environmental conservation;
  • 14 years’ experience building volunteer and community engagement programs,
  • Board and advisory committee development, as well as relevant training, educational materials, and multi-media presentations.
  • Successful film, television, radio, theater, and event producer.
  • Board member (Pacific Region) Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE).
  • Member of National Association of Volunteer Programs in Local Government (NAVPLG).
  • Certified in Volunteer Administration (Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration –
  • Featured keynote speaker 2016 National Conference on Volunteering and Service (Points of Light); Volunteer Engagement and Capacity Building Tracks Opening.

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Dana 's Guests and Their Session Topics

Overcoming the Challenges in Change

Barbara Harrington – Sponsorship Plus

Patience can be a virtue when facing the new and different. But not forever. Learn a five-step strategy to overcome the challenges associated with change. And it starts with making fears productive. A powerful and personal story delivered by a trusted advisor to charities large and small. It’s a message of how individuals, leaders and organizations can begin to right their universe when the world seems to want otherwise. Barbara’s on a mission to see that nonprofits and their most valuable asset — Volunteer Leadership — benefit from her story and understand how to replace their challenges in change with action and energy.

The Pending Changes in Society

Erin Spink M.A – Spinktank

Although Bob Dylan famously sang, “The Times They Are A-Changin” in the 60s, nothing better sums up the reality we’re living with today in 2017. From the political to social to technological landscapes, rapid and significant change is our new reality. Join Erin Spink as she explores many of these changes and what changes this may mean for leaders of volunteers.

Navigating Organizational Changes 

Carol Dixon – Providence Health Care

Maybe not in your world, but in mine all the ideas for change don’t come from me.  Many are terrific, way overdue.  Some are ingenious, I wish I thought of them.  And others, well not how I would have chosen to do it.  I need to do it anyway, I need to lead the change, model the change and take others with me – through the change.  On October 24th and 25th I’ll be telling the story of how I convinced and cajoled; sympathized and sulked; drove and was dragged my own heels through organizational change.

Change in Your Professional Career

Andy Fryar – OZVPM & Better Impact

Change is a constant. It’s happening all around us, every minute of every day – and all too often, it is not occurring in small bit sized chunks, but rather in giant, tumultuous leaps! So, why would the profession of volunteer leadership and the effective engagement of volunteers be in any way exempt from this change? The ‘evolution’ of the profession is something Andy has been passionate about for many years, and his presentation will challenge participants to consider just what our great profession might need to look like as we delve into this brave new future.




Erin Spink M.A.

Over the past 20 years, Erin Spink has been passionately involved as a volunteer, advocate, and employee in the non-profit sector, focusing specifically in volunteer engagement. She is the founder of spinktank, an innovative think tank on the profession and practice of volunteer engagement. In 2008, Spink completed an M.A. (Leadership), submitting a major research project which was the first-ever academic work to quantify the concept of “volunteer engagement.” She has since both published and trained around the world on volunteer engagement topics. Erin recently launched CARVE- the Centre for Advanced Research in Volunteer Engagement and hopes to address the gap in knowledge about the practice of volunteer engagement. Spink’s interest in volunteers began at the age of six, when she pronounced that while it was wrong to eat animals, hamburgers at McDonald’s came from “volunteer cows” and therefore an exception could be made. She has since changed her mind and is strongly opposed to eating volunteers.

Barbara Harrington

Barbara Harrington, founder of Sponsorship Plus, has created and implemented ethical sponsorship programs for scores of clients in markets across the country from Big Brothers Big Sisters in Pennsylvania to the Indianapolis Museum of Art to the Minnesota State Fair.

Clients often credit her Integrated Sponsorship Path model as the key to aligning real-world solutions for sustainable fundraising success. The model provides a simplified system for starting conversations with corporate decision-makers, foundations and individual donors. And natural courtship of those with genuine interests. She builds teams among staff and board through deep listening and sharing what she’s learned.

Barbara’s is often referred to as the Suze Orman of sponsorship — high energy, knowledgeable and generous in sharing her expertise. She is part of Bank of America’s prestigious Connecting Leaders To Learning National Speakers Series. Barbara has published three sponsorship books The Essential Sponsorship Toolkit, The Essence of Sponsorship and Advance Sponsorship Sales.

Prior to starting Sponsorship Plus, Barbara worked in marketing for Six Flags Darien Lake as well as a News Anchor.

Andy Fryar

Andy has more than 30 years of volunteer management experience, working in the health and disability sectors, and has been a key player in the promotion and development of the field ‘down under’.

He is a published author on the topic of volunteer leadership, helping to produce Australia’s key guidebook on the topic. Andy is also a past President of Volunteering Australia, a founder of Australasia’s professional VM peak body – AAMOV and the creator of OzVPM. Since 2005, Andy has volunteered his time to help guide the development of International Volunteer Manager’s Day, where he currently serves as Chairperson.

Andy is a highly sought after speaker, and over the years has worked with volunteer management groups in a dozen countries around the world. His training often challenges participant to ‘take the leap’ and think differently about what it is they do!

Andy currently works as Better Impact’s Operations Manager for the Australian region.

Carol Dixon

Carol Dixon is currently Director of Mission Services and Volunteer Resources for Providence Health Care, a large faith-based multi-site health care group.

She is also a Volunteer Management Instructor, currently at Langara College and previously at George Brown College and Conestoga College. She is a popular (and funny) speaker and we are thrilled to have her join the Take the Leap | Embrace Change event directly from the AHVRP Conference in Phoenix where she is presenting on Recruitment and (less funny) Dismissal. Carol lives in beautiful Vancouver with her husband and their dog, Larry.

The Event Schedule

Oct 24
Oct 25
Oct 24
Oct 25
9:0010:00Host Monologue
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9:1010:10Intros and Special Guest Video
9:2010:20Overcoming the Challenges in Change1
9:5010:50Local discussion2
10:0511:05Q&A and Conversations from the couch 3
10:4511:45The Pending Changes in Society1
11:1512:15Local discussion2
11:3012:30Q&A and conversations from the couch 3
1:002:00Navigating Organizational Changes 1
1:302:30Local discussion2
1:452:45Q&A and conversations from the couch 3
2:253:25Change in Your Professional Career1
2:553:55Local discussion2
3:104:10Q&A and conversations from the couch 3
3:304:30Liz Ussery on taking the leap (literally)
Watch her video
3:454:45Q&A and conversations from the couch 3
4:005:00It's a wrap!

1 Ted-talk styled presentation, broadcast live
2 Submit comments and questions to the live broadcast twitter feed
3 Dana and her guests will answer questions and discuss some of the tweets

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